Treasures of Darkness

I will give you the treasures of darkness…” (Isaiah 45:3)

When I was a child, I was afraid of the dark.  I was certain that hideous creatures lurked in the shadows, ready to pounce the minute I let down my guard. At bedtime I insisted that the hall light outside my bedroom door remain lit until after I fell asleep, convinced that it would keep the other-worldly beings at bay.

Like most children, I eventually outgrew the need Keep reading


The T-intersection where our gravel road intersects with the main gravel road leading to the paved roads (three miles away in one direction, about a half mile the other) is as mucky and mired as I’ve ever seen it.

Even though it’s showing signs of beginning to ease, Mud Season in Central Vermont persists.

There are things I dread this time of year, starting with the rapid cycle of thawing-freezing-thawing that ensures you never know what you will encounter on any road, even if you had traveled it just hours earlier.  On the way down the hill, you might be bumping along on what seem to be valleys and peaks deeply etched into the solidly frozen ground by the tires of vehicles great and small.

Then, just an hour or so later, as you travel back up the same road Keep reading