Winter Surfing

The first time I saw people surfing off Maine’s frigid North Atlantic shore in the middle of February, I thought they were crazy.  The water temperature was around 39° and the air temperature was in the teens. Yet, there they were, paddling out to where the waves were breaking, and then riding them back to shore.  Again, and again, and again.

What are they thinking, I wondered? This is nuts!

I had formed an instant opinion of these surfers– and it wasn’t a positive one.

But I’ve since changed my mind.Keep reading

Turn of Winter

“Do you have half of your wood left?” our neighbor who lived down the road and up the adjacent hill asked as he pulled out of our snow-dusted driveway.  “There’s still a way to go this winter.”   He and his wife were among the first people we met when we bought our house.  Being from suburban New Jersey, we had no real idea how to manage Vermont winters.  But kind people like our neighbor were generous with advice, which generally came at unexpected times – like that night, when we were driving to a choral rehearsal.Keep reading