“Stand at the crossroads and look,
          and ask for the ancient paths,
where the good way lies; and walk in it
            and find rest for your souls…”           Jeremiah 6:16

As an avid walker and hiker, I’m constantly reminded that there can be unexpected twists, turns, and obstacles on the path we’re following, even if we think we know it well – even when we’ve studied the map and feel confident in the route we’ve charted.

Similarly, there are times when the life-path we walk confronts us with twists, turns, and obstacles.  Change, whether expected or unexpected, can knock us off balance.  The loss of a loved one, a change in employment status, a move to a new place, even a wedding or the birth of a child – anything that disturbs our status quo – can render us temporarily disoriented.

That’s when we might need the help of a guide – a skilled and compassionate listener who can help us gain perspective, become reoriented, and find the best way forward.

At other times we just need a companion trained in listening and discernment to help us stay on the path, or to facilitate decision making as we choose which of several directions might work best at this stage of life.

For more than three decades I’ve provided spiritual care as a spiritual director/guide/mentor, healthcare chaplain, minister, retreat leader, and writer.

What I provide is not psychotherapy.  Rather, blending the wisdom of ancient traditions, a working knowledge of psychology, diverse religious beliefs and practices, and the depth of my own Christian experience, I offer one-to-one spiritual and emotional care in the form of:

  • Spiritual Direction, for those seeking to pay close attention to the presence of “the heartbeat of God” (in the words of Celtic theologian  J.Philip Newell), and explore the mystery of that divine Presence within, as well as out in the world.  Together, we’ll do this through a variety of practices that can include confidential conversation, prayer, silence, visualization, reading selected sentences of sacred text or poetry.  Generally, we would meet once every four to six weeks for as long as it makes sense for us to journey together.
  •  Life Balance Mentoring for those looking to create a balanced lifestyle that will enable them to cope with the inevitable changes and disruptions in life, creating the freedom to fully engage with the people and activities that bring meaning and purpose, and joy.  In our confidential conversations we’ll spend time assessing what aspects of life need to be brought into alignment, and then identify and draw upon the inner resources necessary to realign and maintain a balanced life.  To do this best, we would meet once every week for a period of four to six weeks.

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